Augie’s Story Blog Post

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Augie is the newly introduced mascot of JACK’S PLACE for Autism Foundation

Augie was created to help children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) learn to be more comfortable with new places and surroundings. Augie, being the sweet, soft puppy that he is, offers comfort to individuals on the spectrum and gives them something to relate to.

Augie made his debut earlier this year during the first annual JACK’S PLACE Week at Indian Trails Camp. Campers created his story and wrote it down with the help of the wonderful staff members. Please take the time to read Augie’s Story and come on over to say “HI” when you see him at an event. Augie loves high-fives, hugs, and taking pictures with new friends!

Augie’s Story

Augie is not your average dog. By day he sleeps in his doghouse, plays fetch, and digs holes in the yard yet, around new people, he can be very shy and uncomfortable. Augie only likes certain foods and doesn’t like to wear a collar because of the way it feels on his neck. Sometimes he doesn’t even like to be petted or touched and wont look others in the eye. During the day he often goes under the radar but as night falls, this shy pup turns into Super Augie who fights off negativity and the evils of this world.

Born from a volcano, Super Augie is the strongest and smartest dog around. His specialty is protecting others who are just like him…a little bit different. When Super Augie is around he tries to make other people more comfortable by cuddling with them letting them touch his soft fur. Super Augie’s only weakness is catnip, so he is practically indestructible! The only thing Super Augie was missing was a place to really call home.

One bright morning, as Augie was getting back to his doghouse after a long night of crime fighting, Jack walked by. Jack noticed that Augie was not like other dogs and told him about a place called JACK’S PLACE for Autism Foundation. Augie could not believe that there was such a place that Jack was telling him about and had to see it for himself. So, Augie went with Jack to JACK’S PLACE and when they arrived they were welcomed with open arms. Now, Jack and Augie are always together, working to help others, and living happily ever after.