Welcome to UNFILTERED – Justin’s Corner. This is a Jack’s Place for Autism exclusive blog that looks into the life of one of our employees, Justin. He will serve as the blog’s host and continuously update it with musings, tips and advice about Autism and Asperger’s for parents, support staff and individuals directly impacted by Autism.


Introduction – Published 1/4/2016
Curveballs – Published 1/18/2016
Autism Stereotypes: Debunked – Published 1/27/2016
Three Lessons From My California Vacation – Published 2/17/2016
Five Things I Am Thankful For – Published 2/26/2016
Three Tips For Socializing – Published 3/4/2016
Three Things I Want People To Know When I Have Anxiety – Published 3/14/2016
Three Activities That Can Develop Social Skills – Published 3/24/2016
What does Autism Awareness Month mean to me?¬†–¬†Published 4/6/2016
Frustration & Resolution – Published 4/14/2016
Three Benefits of Baseball for Individuals with Autism – Published 4/27/2016
Susan Boyle, Airports and Meltdowns – Published 5/4/2016
My Two Cents On 50 Cent – Published 5/18/16
Autism, Developmental Disabilities & The S-Word – Published 6/7/2016
How Pokemon Go Benefits Children with Autism – Published 7/14/2016
Aim for Autism Training – Published 7/25/2016
(Almost) A Year Later – Published 10/24/2016
Why I Enjoy Writing – Published 11/2/2016
Cherish Every Second – Published 11/3/2016
Don’t Stand On The Sideline – Published 11/7/2016

Farewell, Joseph – Published 5/11/2017